About Us

Welcome to the Patter of Rain.

We believe our collection is unique, because each design has been individually selected for it’s individual quality and bodaciousness.

Bodacious means excellent, attractive, admirable or to be audacious (bold and daring) in an admirable way.

To browse our collection of very attractive, admirable products, just click on the links shown on the right or use our inbuilt search feature.

Our bags, purses and baskets are all quality products using a variety of silks,silk brocades, taffeta silk, raw silk, bamboo, sea-grass, chenille, cotton , nylon or pvc and may include beads, sea shells and other trimmings.

No prices are quoted on this web page as prices are subject to quantity. For pricing please contact us using the Guestbook and we will respond promptly. Small quantities of each design are available immediately. Larger quantities may require approximately 45 days.

Small orders will be sent via Australian Post and larger orders will be sent via Fast-Way Courier Service at very competitive rates. Freight charges will depend on weight and / or cubic metre.

If you wish to place an order, or have any queries, please contact Lorraine Selmer via our online form or telephone 612 6652-8568 or 0407 195533.

We sincerely believe you will be blown away by the myriad of beauty that awaits your attention.

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